Massage, Nutrition & Coaching

Take action - Reduce pain and stress, regain strength and energy!


Massage, Nutrition & Coaching

Take Action - Reduce Pain and Stress, Regain Strength and Energy!

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TriVigorate Massage, Nutrition & Coaching takes an integrative approach to your health and well-being to reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissue, and remove pain throughout your body through a holistic review of your health history, nutritional base line, exercise level, and alternative care experiences to create a personal care plan that will work for you.

Elizabeth Bart

M.S., LMT, Nutritionist, USA Triathlon Coach Adults/Youth & Juniors, Corporate Wellness, NICA Head Coach

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Bart, owner of TriVigorate, and I am passionate about guiding, inspiring, and empowering individuals to live their most happy and healthy lives!

TriVigorate's mission is reduce pain and stress to regain the state of having natural health, well-balanced physical strength, mental force and continued movement.

Let's overcome your obstacles together!

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We take a holistic approach to health and wellness, meaning we take a complete look at your challenges, concerns, and goals to put together a plan that’s going to help you get lasting results.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage Therapy

Nutritional Management and Metabolic Efficiency Training

Nutritional Management & Metabolic Efficiency Training


Coaching: Running & Triathlon, Individual and Small Group

Kids Sports Support and Development

Middle School & High School: Kids in Sports! Support + Development

Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work Partnership


Our Products


To support your wellness journey, we're committed to providing a wide-ranging, quality line of products. Not sure what to shop for? No worries, we'll take the time to get to know you, then recommend the right products and routine for you.


Health & Well-being associated products


Detox, Medicinal Food & supplements


Massage Supplies


Essential Oils




Coffee & preferred supplies


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The TriVigorate family of brands is growing! The Glendale Garden is opening soon and will offer starters, seeds, sprouts and more... stay tuned!


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